Would you like to develop and coach a team that shapes the future of tech recruitment? We’re looking for a communicative team lead to Dev Search that wants to make an impact. So, if you’re interested in joining a rapidly growing business area within Wise IT, where you can have influence and at the same time further develop your business- and leadership skills, keep reading!
Your day:
As team lead at Dev Search, you would be inspiring and motivating a team of six to eight co-workers towards jointly set business goals. In this role, you’ll be working closely with the business area manager. During a normal day at work, you could do everything from coaching and developing your co-workers to business developing and budgeting. A large part of your time would be dedicated to building and developing relationships with new and existing customers. Furthermore, you would also function as the engine in sales and recruitment processes, being flexible and ready to step in if anyone of your co-workers needs additional support.
Who are you?
We believe that you’re appreciated for your leadership qualities and have an ability to identify and develop potential in people. You have a business-oriented mind and have probably already worked with IT recruitment in a leader position for a while. It’s sure to say that you really know IT as a branch and have a keen interest in software development and architecture. Also, you thrive in environments where you can act and turn your own ideas into reality.
Are we a good match?
At Wise IT, we premier self-leadership and work in a fast-paced environment that is characterized by short decision paths. This means that we’re confident in letting you do your own thing – with the support you need, of course. We’re also not afraid to challenge existing beliefs and industry standards, which is one of the main reasons that we’ve become industry leaders today. When working at Wise IT, your work will have a true impact and you would be everything else but a cog in the machine. Together, we have fun at work and collaborate closely between teams and across regions. In addition to this, you’ll become a part of Wise Group, from which you would have access to a substantial benefit package and great career opportunities.
Interested in learning more about the position? Contact Karin Welander on 0735-449449 or send your resumé directly to karin.welander@puresearch.se.